My health and fitness career started by accident.  In 1993, I was living in Los Angeles, attending law school at USC and teaching scuba diving in Beverly Hills.  One of my dive students approached me to provide personal fitness training.  I told her I was not a certified personal trainer.  She said, “I don’t care.  I just want to do what you do.  You balance it all – law school, work, teaching scuba diving, gym, busy social life – and make it look easy and fun.  I want that.”  I was happy to share my approach, my techniques, and my active support for her goals — and my personal training business was launched.  Client #1 crushed fitness milestones and developed great enthusiasm for personal health and balance.  For my part, I discovered that personal training combined the fitness, lifestyle, and teaching roles I loved from scuba diving while being accessible to many more people (and it paid much better)!

So, did I abandon law school for a fitness training career?  No way!   I have been a successful, hard-working, and award-winning lawyer for almost 25 years.  And, yes, I still scuba dive.

Happily for me, my family, and my clients, fitness and health have always remained central to my life.  As my fitness training practice developed over the years, I sought out cutting edge knowledge and skills that I could share with my clients.  I obtained credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Primal Health Coach Institute, and the Association for Integrative Psychology.  These certification pillars form the structure of my custom program designs, which integrate fitness training, healthy lifestyle, and powerful mindset components to drive optimal results for each client.

I specialize in training busy professionals who do not want to compromise on their health and fitness.  I know your challenges because I live them.  I am a busy lawyer, devoted father, engaged entrepreneur, world traveler, and have a wide range of hobbies, activities, and interests.  I successfully integrate fitness, health, and personal training into my very fulfilling life.  I do it all and will show you how.  I promise to destroy any excuse you have for not achieving your health and fitness goals.  Let’s get motivated!

Personal training with a coach is an investment in yourself.  If you have tried on your own, and did not get the results you want, you may discover the difference is the role model, mindset training, and accountability you experience with a committed coach.  Take action toward your goals.  Contact me to learn how coaching and an integrated program design can power you to optimal health and balance.

Will Russell Price

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